This page is for Ballot Parties in the great state of Illinois.
Not from around here? THAT’S OKAY! Info on Ballot Parties across the country can be found here!

Ballot Party Illinois is a collaboration between State Matters and BallotReady.


So, What is a Ballot Party?


Ballot Parties are a place for you, your friends, and your neighbors to come together and learn about the issues facing your communities and the candidates that are up for election.  Researching your ballot is frustrating and time-consuming. So whether it is in an office, park, bar, or someone’s living room, we want to make preparing to vote a fun and stress-free experience.


Sounds Amazing! I want to host!


Anyone can sign up to host a Ballot Party! Individuals, organizations, clubs, neighborhood groups, bars, restaurants. People who know a lot about what is on the ballot, or people who want to know more and figure it out with friends. Even if you’ve never voted before, you can still host a Ballot Party!

Your party can be as simple or elaborate as you want, from a 5-person potluck in your living room to a 100-person cocktail hour and variety show. It’s totally up to you. You can keep your party private, or make it public for folks in your area to sign up and attend.

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Sounds Fantastic! I want to attend!


Leave us your email and zip code in the "Attend a Party" form and we’ll get back to you in September with all the awesome parties near you.